About the Blog

Fire For Effect is a military term used in firing artillery or mortars. The call is made when the observer believes when the next shots fired will hit the target. This allows the next barrage to contain the full force available and to provide the desired effects on the target. The goal of this blog is to identify and understand the effects of anime. I care much more about what art does than how it works, and I take this bias in my approach to discussing anime.

This blog primarily focuses on anime and things related to anime such as manga, light novels and video games. Most posts will discuss things of a military nature. I don’t limit myself to any particular subject or genre, but I mainly speak on subjects I know well. Each post is striving to be academic in nature to both better the discussion in the anime community and to improve my own writing.

About Phaeton’s Folly

My name comes from the Phaeton myth found in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. I read that story in a critical time in my life and it was what inspired me to study English in college. My life was changed by that moment, so I feel using it as my name on a blog discussing art is more than appropriate. The name also reminds me that choices matter, and a poor choice can lead to disaster.

Who you are matters when it comes to discussing art. Everyone has biases that effect their opinions on what art they consume, and I’m no different. I hope after reading this you will better understand why I view things a certain way.

I’m an avid fan of anime and manga. I’ve been watching anime since I was child watching Toonami, and have continued to love anime and animation in general all my life. Manga is a habit I’ve picked up more recently, but it now consumes almost as much time as anime.

I’m a commissioned officer in the United States Army. I take tremendous pride in what I do and my work always comes before my hobby. I love what I do and I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.

I’m a Roman Catholic. My faith is very important to me and it bleeds into how I view the world and how I view art. Japan is a country that is very removed from Christianity, so many of their themes and messages don’t resonate with me.

I have a degree in English, but I’m also generally well versed in many academic fields outside of English. I have aspirations of continuing my education in English, so I figured I might as well write about a subject I love.


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